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Laylani Addison

Character in Star Citizen
Laylani Addison - 2950 election poster.jpg
Laylani Addison
Race Human
Gender Female
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Party Independent
Constituency UEE

Laylani Addison is an independent political candidate running for the 2950 elections.

2950 elections

Her campaign pledges focus around redirecting credits towards improving education, funding scientific research, and loosening current restrictions on AI research. Particularly the latter point has caused a lot of attention, positive and negative. This helped catapult her into the final five candidates. [1]She also supports Synthworld and publicly subsidized universities.

Addison is also a good calm and composed debater as her performance received widespread acclaim. In a popular vid on Spectrum, Addison spun a vicious, condescending attack by Human First candidate Calvin Derry into a touching personal treatise about why it was important for Humans to embrace alien influences and ideas. [2]

She recently did an interview on the Clean Shot show. [3]


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