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Kahix Rocket Launcher

Personal weapon
Kahix Rocket Launcher 2018-06-28 ATV.png
Kahix Rocket Launcher
ManufacturerTorral Aggregate (TOAG)
Range2000 m
Ammo Count1
Rate6 rpm

The Torral Aggregate Kahix Rocket Launcher is a Xi'an heavy weapon.[1] This powerful and portable large caliber projectile launcher features two fire modes, dumbfire and targeted, and can utilize a variety of special missiles. It is a perfect battlefield equalizer for ground troops, effective in a multitude of engagement scenarios and capable of dealing massive damage to ships and vehicles.[2]


The Kahix is the first alien personal weapon in the game. It was developed for Squadron 42. The in-game model, texture, and shader is done by David Sibbe (Junior Weapon Artist) in Foundry 42 DE.[1] The pre-production of the weapon started in April 2017 by the weapon team in Foundry 42 DE,[3] and the full production started in November 2017.[4]



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