Torral Aggregate

Xi'an company in the weapons manufacture industry
Torral Aggregate
IndustryWeapons manufacture
ProductsPersonal weapons, spacecraft weapons
Manufacturer codeTOAG
HeadquartersKa'ua, Hyoton
Area servedXi'an Empire, United Empire of Earth
FoundedThousands of years ago

Torral Aggregate ( Xi'an: ao0oo2nu se 9to14ral5(Aoō'nu se T.or'al) (Proper); literally Aggregate of Torral; ) is a Xi'an weapons manufacturer controlled by House Torral. They produce a significant amount of weapons and related systems for the Xi'an Empire and have recently also begun to export products adapted for Human use.[1] Weapons available for sale directly to Humans include the Yeng'tu laser repeater ( Xi'an: ro’thli Yeng’tu (Proper); ), which was first mounted on the San'tok.yāi, and the Kahix Missile Launcher ( Xi'an: ro’noy.ithly’ehung Kē’hith (Proper); ).[2]

The Torral Aggregate has also won a bid to produce weapons for the UEE Army shortly after the HuXa legislation.[3]


Previously, the lore spoke of the Torral Aggregate as having a monopoly on the Xi'an weapons production.


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