Kain Yolsen

Character in Star Citizen
Kain Yolsen
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Former acting CEO of Origin Jumpworks GmbH

Kain Yolsen was acting CEO of Origin Jumpworks GmbH in the last half of the 29th century. Yolsen was the one that initiated the start of developing the next "flagship of the fleet" known as the 890 Jump. He announced the ship in 2852, after which the project went into a long stage of research and development, almost to be forgotten by the public. It wasn't until 2858 that the ship was officially released and the ship got very popular. The 890 Jump would be improved on during the next century, notably in 2943 where current CEO Jennifer Friskers added the custom-designed 85x to the standard 890 Jump package.[1]


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