Kelly Caplan

Character in Star Citizen
Kelly Caplan
Race Human
Born 2845 CE; 108 years ago (2845)
Role CEO of Crusader Industries (since 2863 CE; 90 years ago (2863))

Kelly Caplan is the current CEO of Crusader Industries.


Caplan became CEO of Crusader in 2863. A ship designer by trade, she had worked for the company ever since landing an internship with the design department while in graduate school. She was a major part of the team that built the company's first signature starliner. Thanks in large part to her impressive design, the launch of the Genesis-class vessel was a huge success.[1]

As of 2951 she is still holds the position of CEO.[2][3]

Simultaneously overseeing the operations of an entire planet, its three moons, and a massive aerospace corporation is a monumental task.[3]

Purchase of Stanton II

In 2865, Caplan made the bold decision to purchase a low-mass gas giant and its three moons in the Stanton system from the UEE. Caplan dreamed of transforming the latticework of floating platforms built by the military into one of the greatest shipyards in the UEE. This eventually led to the development of the city of Orison.[1]


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