Crusader Industries Showroom

Landmark in Orison in the Stanton system
Crusader Industries Showroom
LocationStanton system    In Orison

The Crusader Industries Showroom serves as Crusader Industries' flagship store, where visitors can purchase brand-new Crusader ships as well as a variety of ship weapons. It is located on Cloudview Center in Orison and features a corporate level (currently inaccessible), a bar, as well as access to a spacious garden.[1]

Ship prices

An exhibit on the show floor allows visitors to learn more about key figures involved with Crusader's success:


Alpha 3.17.1 introduced a new rooftop area with a Shuttle stop offering transportation to Inspiration Park.

Update:Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2 Crusader Showroom (second floor) purchase terminals are now properly functioning and are accessible.



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