Nexus II

Smog Planet in the Nexus system
Nexus II
ClassificationSmog Planet
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Nexus system
└─ Orbiting Nexus (star)
Artificial Satellites1

Nexus II is a smog planet with a dense, nitrogen-rich atmosphere.

The United Nations of Earth used Nexus II for terraforming experiments, but attempts so create a sustaining breathable atmosphere failed. The project's high costs were a partial reason why the successor of the UNE, the United Empire of Earth, later sold the mining rights of the system exclusively to the Hathor Group.[1][2]

Artificial Satellites

OP Station Demien

Site of the infamous Walzer Massacre of 2935, the first serious clash between the UEE and the Horizon Crew.


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