Lancet MH2

Size 2 mining laser manufactured by Greycat Industrial
Lancet MH1 - Terminal Display - 3.10.2.png
Lancet MH2
ManufacturerGreycat Industrial (GRIN)
Base price23,500 aUEC
Optimal range60 m
Maximum range300 m
Mining efficiency
Extraction throughput0.45 SCU/s
Power transfer1,400
All charge rates−30%
Optimal charge window size40%
Shatter damage−50%
Consumable slots3

The Lancet MH2 is a mining laser manufactured by Greycat Industrial.

In-game description

Greycat classifies the Lancet MH2 as a support laser best utilized when mining with others. Generating a weaker than average beam, the Lancet MH2 safely heats deposits to reduce their resistance and instability but struggles to shatter them on its own. For mining crews, it's an ideal support laser to use alongside other lasers.[1]

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.16.

Location Store Price (aUEC)
Lorville Tammany and Sons 23,500
HUR-L1 23,500
MIC-L1 23,500
New Babbage Shubin Interstellar 23,500
Area18 Dumper's Depot 23,500
Grim Hex Dumper's Depot 23,500


  1. Tammany and Sons 2020-01-02
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