Cinch Scraper Module

Scraper module manufactured by Greycat Industrial
Cinch Scraper Module
ManufacturerGreycat Industrial (GRIN)
Base price750 aUEC
Occupancy340 μSCU
Radius1.5 m

The Cinch Scraper Module is a scraper module manufactured by Greycat Industrial.[1]

In-game description

The Cinch is a precision scraper module that produces a small, focused beam perfect for extracting resources from every nook and cranny on a hull. While the beam's relatively small size requires more time to remove Recycled Material Composite (RMC), its excellent extraction rate will make the added effort worth it.

Standard on

Manufacturer Vehicle
Drake Interplanetary Vulture


The Cinch Scraper Module is introduced with the first implementation of salvage gameplay in Alpha 3.18.0.[1]


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