Mandible Helmet

Helmet manufactured by Sakura Sun
Mandible Helmet Pack.jpg
Mandible Helmet
ManufacturerSakura Sun (SASU)
ClassificationLight Armor
Main setFBL-8a
Production stateIn production
Environment protection
Temperature-35 / 65 °C
Damage resistance

The Mandible Helmet is a light helmet manufactured by Sakura Sun. The 3 variants of the helmets were handed out to Subscribers in May 2021.[1][2]

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
FBL-8a FBL-8u Undersuit Mandible Helmet FBL-8a Core N/A FBL-8a Arms FBL-8a Legs

In-game description

Show that you're ready to 'bug out' with the exclusive Mandible helmet from Sakura Sun. Lightweight plating provides protection while metal fangs protrude from the front for an intimidating insectoid shape that walks the line between fun and frightening.


Special editions

Image Name Description
Mandible Helmet Snowfly 01.jpg
"Snowfly" Arctic digital camo. Handed out to Centurion and Imperator Subscribers in May 2021. Also available in the Subscriber Store for $4.00 USD.
Mandible Helmet Firestrike 01.jpg
"Firestrike" Red coloring with gold accent. Handed out to Imperator Subscribers in May 2021. Also available in the Subscriber Store for $4.00 USD.
Mandible Helmet Sandsrawler 01.jpg
"Sandcrawler" Desert digital camo. Only available on the Subscriber Store for $4.00 USD


The Mandible Helmet is first spotted in a leak in Alpha 3.11.1, though it was not available for players. For a time, it was only available to CIG developers and has been seen in live builds by players who sometimes get to use it (though it doesn't stay in a players inventory).[3] It has the same color scheme as the then-released FBL-8a light armor set.[4]



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