MaxLift Tractor Beam

Gadget manufactured by Greycat Industrial
Greycat Industrial Tractor Beam.png
MaxLift Tractor Beam
ManufacturerGreycat Industrial (GRIN)
TypeUtility item
Production stateIn development
Effective range10-20 m
Fire modeBeam
MagazineMaxLift Tractor Beam Battery

The MaxLift Tractor Beam is a handheld tractor beam manufactured by Greycat Industrial. It allows users to move objects remotely, or pull themselves towards larger objects while in EVA. It is a more powerful beam tractor than the TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment for the Pyro RYT Multi-Tool. As of Alpha 3.18, it is in active development.[1][2]

In-game description

Greycat's heavy duty tractor beam boasts industrial performance at a consumer-friendly price. With its longer-lasting battery and wider beam emitter, the MaxLift can easily manipulate heavier and bulkier items making it the perfect tool for long days of hauling cargo.


The MaxLift Tractor Beam is currently in development, scheduled to be released with Alpha 3.19. The name and description of MaxLift Tractor Beam was first found in game files in Alpha 3.18.0.[2]



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