Star Citizen Wiki Meet Clovus

Meet Clovus

Appointment mission from Clovus Darneely
Meet Clovus
Priority Personal
Type Appointment
Start Location Stanton AO
Mission Giver Clovus Darneely

The mission Meet Clovus is a formal invitation from Clovus Darneely to meet at his office at Reclamation & Disposal in Lorville, Hurston to discuss a working relationship.


  • Employment opportunity
  • An enticing offer
  • Added sweat to the brow
  • A fine day's work
  • The possibility of financial security



Spoiler content

"I find myself in need of a competent pair of hands. Should you be interested, consider stopping by Reclamation & Disposal at your earliest convenience. -cd"


Spoiler content

"I hope your travels have been treating you well. If you are in a position where you could use some additional funds, I may have a job for you. Come by Reclamation & Disposal and we will talk. -cd"


Spoiler content

"The tides of fate seem to be lapping upon your shores. An intriguing job opportunity has crossed my path and I am inclined to send it your way. If you are interested, come to Reclamation & Disposal and we will discuss. -cd"


Spoiler content

"I have always considered myself a connector of people more than anything else. To that end, an acquaintance of mine requires a task to be completed properly. Should you be interested, come by Reclamation & Disposal and I will elaborate. -cd"


Spoiler content

"The need has arisen for a special someone to step up and perform a task. It will be paid, of course, upon successful completion. Should you be interested, come by Reclamation & Disposal for details. -cd"


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