Clovus Darneely

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CitCon2018 Clovus.png
Clovus Darneely
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2948 (before)
Role Salvage Contractor
Workplace Hurston

Clovus Darneely is the owner of Reclamation & Disposal, Worker's District, Lorville on Hurston.[1] He operates a scrap processing plant, and offers salvage missions to players.

Judging by datamined voice clips, he is perfectly ok with stretching the law to its limits, or offering missions of questionable legality.

"You know, I've met three generations of the Hurstons. They're a lot like fine cheeses. They get softer and more pungent with age."



Clovus Darneely is due for inclusion as a Mission Giver in Alpha 3.3.5.



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