Meet Tecia

Appointment mission from Tecia Pacheco
Meet Tecia
Priority Personal
Type Appointment
Start Location Stanton AO
Mission Giver Tecia Pacheco

The mission Meet Tecia is a formal invitation from Tecia Pacheco to meet at her spot in Area18, ArcCorp to discuss a working relationship. She will offer you a mission and give flavor dialogue according to your Reputation System standing with her.


  • Time for a Visit
  • Come See Me
  • We Need to Talk
  • Let's Meet



Spoiler content

"I might have a lead on some work, but only if you don't have security or advocacy chasing you.

Find me next time you're in Area18 if you're interested.



Spoiler content

"Like the title says, stop by and see me next time you're in Area18 and crimestat free.

Don't keep me waiting.



Spoiler content

"Things are about to get busy and I'm gonna need some extra bodies who are crimestat free and willing to work hard.

If you stop by Area18 in time, I can see about cutting you in.

Just find me when you get here.



Spoiler content

"The boss gave me a heads up about something brewing on the horizon and I'm pretty sure you're gonna want a piece.

Get your ass over to Area18 and I'll fill you in.

Just make sure to clear any legal troubles first. Can't afford security sniffing around.



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