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Reputation is a system introduced in Alpha 3.12 that tracks a player's relationship with various NPCs/Organizations. Reputation is stored in Long Term Persistence, meaning that your progress will save between wipes/resets. You can view your reputation progress in the Delphi mobiGlas app which was introduced in Alpha 3.13.

One can gain/lose reputation with all mission givers via completing or failing contracts given to the player by them. Interactions with mission givers will vary depending on your current reputation with them, primarily in the form of different dialogue. Failing too many contracts will cause a mission giver to fire you, in which you will not be able to receive contracts from them for 24 hours.

Bounty and assassination missions utilize reputation with contracts being given by 6 organizations and 2 mission givers, some overseen by the Bounty Hunters Guild. As reputation with the Bounty Hunters Guild is increased, the player will be able to attempt a certification mission. Once completed, they will receive a new license and higher level bounties will be made available. Earning enough reputation with one of the three organizations listed will also result in a promotion within their ranks, earning you a pay increase depending on your current rank. More "perks" such as that are planned.

List of Organizations

Organization Scopes
Aciedo Communications Communication services
BlacJac Security Bounty hunting, Security
Bounty Hunters Guild Bounty hunting
Civilian Defense Force Emergency support
Covalex Shipping Courier
Crusader Security Bounty hunting, Emergency support, Security
Hurston Security Bounty hunting, Security
Ling Family Hauling Courier
MT Protection Services Bounty hunting, Security
Northrock Service Group Bounty hunting, Courier, Security
Red Wind Linehaul Courier
Unified Distribution Management Courier
Wildstar Racing Racing

List of Contacts


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