Missing Person

Investigation mission from Carson & Meeks Investigations
Missing Person
Priority General
Type Investigation
UEC Pay Up to 18000
Start Location Hurston AO / Crusader AO / microTech AO
Faction Carson & Meeks Investigations / TriStar Private Intelligence / Dashiell Appraisal Services

The Missing Person mission tasks the player with finding a person that was serving as a member of the crew of a wrecked ship.


  • Missing Person
  • Missing Persons Report
  • Missing Persons Case



Spoiler content

"The family of (Name) is hoping to find some closure. While there is confirmation that the (Ship) (Name) was serving aboard did not survive its journey, the family wants to know for sure what happened. (Faction) is looking for someone with tact and discretion to investigate the wreck site and see if they can learn (Name)'s fate. Your assistance in the matter is much appreciated."


Spoiler content

"Not expecting a happy outcome on this one. (Name) was last heard from when they boarded a (Ship). That same ship was reported destroyed. Now, the family wants to confirm what happened one way or the other. That's where you come in. Go, search the (Ship)'s last known position, locate (Name) and we can hopefully give them a little peace of mind."

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