Leir III

Terrestrial Rocky in the Leir system
Leir III
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationUnclaimed space
Leir system
└─ Orbiting Leir (star)
Landing Zones1

Leir III is the third planet in the Leir System which is a rocky orb teeming with resources. Early scans detected an abundance of graphite and crystals, encouraging many miners to risk landing on the planet despite the deadly storms that plague the surface.

Today, the planet has no permanent settlements since the large indigenous sandworms, known as Valakkar, seem to have a predilection towards destroying them. Some brave miners and outlaws do live in temporary encampments around the planet, but most embrace a nomadic existence and move regularly to stay ahead of the storms and worms.[1]

Homestead Demo

This demo takes place on 2946-06-28.[2]


This iteration of the planet is oxygen rich with a full atmosphere. It has patches of hazardous atmospheric turbulence as well as deadly sandstorms (possibly connected).

Biomes include Desert, Tundra, Mountain, Ocean, Oasis, Sandstone and Desert Trees.[2]


Native fauna includes a few avians,[2] but the most notable inhabitant are the giant sand worms, known as Valakkar,[1] who are known for destroying settlements.

The rich resources attract some brave smugglers and outlaws, who live a nomadic existence, keeping ahead of the sand storms and giant worms.

These Sand Nomads conduct ambushes using local terrain as well as the wreckage of the Orpheus Horizon. And a Valakkar is seen near the Orpheus Horizon.[2]


Leir III is the site of the wreckage of the Orpheus Horizon, a 150 year old Aegis Javelin that crashed under unknown circumstances. Its frame has been repurposed by the native Sand Nomads as a base of operations. At least three emergency capsules are dotted around the wreckage.[2]

Landing Zones

A safe landing zone exists approximately 8 km from the wreckage of the Orpheus Horizon. The interior of the building appears to have been trashed but the landing pad is usable.[2]



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