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The term Outsiders refers to an autonomous group founded by Marcus Fayel on Leir II (Mya). The group's self-designation is unknown. They are known for their strict isolationism. Outsiders believe that people from other planets could 'infecting their pure society', though over the years the rhetoric has lessened.[1]


In 2743, Galor Messer IX authorized the auctioning of a terraforming permit for Leir II. The venture Hatfield & Harding won the bid. Marcus Fayel, a terraforming expert at UPARQ was entrusted with the management of the project. Fayel established the first terraforming colony on a rich mineral vein, funnelled the profits to himself and a cadre of associates. Not later than 2803, he found some kind of belief which distinguished between 'pure' and impure people. He described himself as a creator and took control over the entire colony. In 2812 he cut off the communications to Hatfield & Harding. In his last comm, he declared the 'purification' was accomplished, and his 'pure' followers must be separated from the rest of the society. Hatfield & Harding hired a group of mercenaries to retake control of the planet. They hoped the workers would change sides and desert Fayel. The invasion forces landed on the planet and were ambushed by the workers after they separated into teams. The group also seized the merc fleet.[1]


There are theories that Fayel had deliberately manipulating and brainwashing the workers or just convinced them to stand by him for his grand experiment. Other pointed out the possibility of a mass psychosis as a result of the extremely stressful environment. No workers had requested to leave the planet in the project’s final five years, but it is unknown if dissenters were imprisoned or killed.[1]


  • Usuni Colo traveled to Mya in 2941 to see 'how isolationism had affected the planet and its people' and was expelled after trying to leave the zone only reserved for travelers. On his way home to Elysium, Colo discovered the jump point to Kabal.[2]