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Human company in the weapon components industry
NV-TAC - JP1003.svg
IndustryWeapon components
ProductsPersonal weapon attachments
Manufacturer codeNVTC
Founded2811 CE; 143 years ago (2811)

NV-TAC is a company that manufactures personal weapon attachments, such as targeting devices and enhanced gun sights. In 2811, it was originally founded as a sensor company, producing technology for long-range scanning stations and surveying operations.[1]

In-game description

High-end company known for manufacturing technically precise and experimental optics and weapon attachments. Founded in 2811, NV-TAC initially built sensors for long-range scanning stations and surveying operations before shifting operations to the more profitable personal weapon market. Seen by some as too expensive and feature-dense, but beloved by soldiers and security professionals for their durable design, precision adjustments, and reliable performance.



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