250-E Laser Pointer

Laser pointer manufactured by NV-TAC
250-E - Shop display.jpg
250-E Laser Pointer
ClassificationLaser pointer
ManufacturerNV-TAC (NVTC)
Base price333 aUEC
Mass0.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.7

The 250-E Laser Pointer is a size 1 underbarrel laser pointer manufactured by NV-TAC.[1]

In addition to barrel attachments that impact stealth and recoil, NV-TAC also produces a selection of underbarrel attachments aimed at improving the manual aiming of weaponry. The 250-E laser pointer is exactly what it sounds like: a device that can be strapped to the bottom of a gun to generate a red aiming reticle. The overall impact is a little more complex than you'd think: adding a laser pointer means your gun generates an in-world aim marker that can be seen by other players (including potential targets). But, it also provides targeting assist when a player isn't wearing a helmet, making it an especially useful upgrade for the countless situations where you aren't engaging in constant warfare.[2]

In-game description

The 250-E is an intuitive aiming aid that produces a laser visible to you and others. NV-TAC built the attachment to be lightweight yet durable so it won't add extra weight to your weapon.


The 250-E Laser Pointer is introduced in Alpha 3.7 along with the introduction of barrel and underbarrel attachments. It is the first laser pointer introduced in game.[3]



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