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FieldLite Flashlight

S1 flashlight manufactured by NV-TAC
Quick facts:
FieldLite Flashlight
FieldLite - Shop Display.png
FieldLite Flashlight
0.11 KµSCU1.1e-4 SCU <br />110 µSCU <br />
6.82 cm0.07 m <br />0.00 km <br />
4.04 cm0.04 m <br />0.00 km <br />
3.97 cm0.04 m <br />0.00 km <br />
0.1 kg1.0e-4 t <br />
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The FieldLite Flashlight is a size 1 underbarrel flashlight manufactured by NV-TAC.[1]

The NV-TAC FieldLite flashlight is another utility mod, this time with a variety of non-violent uses. The FieldLite mates your gun with a powerful light source that can illuminate wherever the weapon is aimed. This lets you better target enemies and, in addition to its use in combat, allows explorers to do their jobs while remaining ready to fight. Attaching a flashlight to a gun barrel only makes sense: whether you’re exploring an alien derelict or battling it out in the depths of an asteroid, there are endless situations in which a player would not want to spend time switching between a gun and a light. Note that underbarrel attachments are distinct from gun sight upgrades.[2]


The FieldLite is a tough and tactical underbarrel flashlight. Featuring a corrosion-proof body and impact resistant lens, NV-TAC tested the attachment across a variety of environments and conditions to ensure it works when needed most.


Image Name Description
FieldLite Red.jpg
Red This special red edition projects a red light in the shape of a circle and is ideal for illuminating close-range targets without projecting a bright light that could be easily spotted. Handed out to Centurion and Imperator Subscribers in May 2022, available in the Subscriber Store for $4.00.[3]
FieldLite Yellow.jpg
Yellow This special yellow edition projects a yellow star-like pattern, making it preferable for target acquisition at medium distance. Handed out to Imperator Subscribers in May 2022, available in the Subscriber Store for $4.00.[3]
FieldLite Blue.jpg
Blue This special blue edition projects a focused blue light in the shape of a square. The molded lens keeps falloff to a minimum, making it perfect for illuminating targets at distance. Only available in the Subscriber Store for $4.00.[3]



The FieldLite is introduced in Alpha 3.7.0 along with the introduction of barrel and underbarrel attachments. It is the first underbarrel flashlight introduced in game.[4]



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