Theta Pro (8x Telescopic)

Telescopic sight manufactured by NV-TAC
Theta Pro - Shop display.jpg
Theta Pro (8x Telescopic)
ClassificationTelescopic sight
ManufacturerNV-TAC (NVTC)
Base price1,200 aUEC
Mass0.1 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.6
Zoom level8x
Zeroing range1,000 m
Auto zeroingNo

The Theta Pro (8x Telescopic) is a size 3 8x telescopic sight manufactured by NV-TAC. It has a max zeroing range of 1,000 meters.[1]

NV-TAC’s highest magnification options are dedicated telescopic sights that allow sniper-level targeting options in exchange for a reduction in aim-speed. Telescopic sights allow for long-distance magnifications and offer a full range of vision options. The technology uses traditional optics to offer the most detailed possible view of the battlefield.

The NV-TAC Theta Pro is the highest capability telescopic sight replacement currently available, offering a whopping 8x magnification over the standard iron sight. The Theta Pro is a tool for dedicated snipers and anyone willing to put additional time into their targeting… but it shouldn’t be used for fast, close range engagements. It’s an attachment that will allow you to get the drop on distant foes. Used effectively, they won’t know what hit them!.[2]

In-game description

Carefully crafted and calibrated, the Theta Pro delivers precise and effective long distance combat engagement capabilities thanks to its powerful 8x telescopic sight.


The Theta Pro (8x Telescopic) was introduced in Alpha 3.6 along with the introduction of weapon attachments. It is the one of the first telescopic sights introduced in game.[3]



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