Noah White

Character in Star Citizen
Noah White 2.png
Noah White
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2945 (before)
Role Captain, UEES Stanton
Actor Liam Cunningham
Military Service
Rank Captain
Branch UEE Navy
Years of Service 2945 (before) - Present

Noah White is the Captain of the UEES Stanton in 2945. He started his career on the ship years ago.

He appears in Squadron 42.[1][2] He is portrayed by Liam Cunningham.

In the Vertical Slice, White is seen talking with Julian Wexler over comms in the Briefing Room of the Stanton. He then proceeds to brief the Player and Old Man. After the briefing, he warns the player about the pitfalls of being a careerist, from personal experience with his own son.


White has a son, graduated from college in 2945/2946.[3]



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