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"Vanguards of the Stars, Your Shield in the Void."

Darksaber Enterprises
HeadquartersEverus Harbour
FoundedDecember 28th, 2954
Discord Server

Darksaber Enterprises

Darksaber was founded in 2945 By Retired Major Jack “Archon” Archer, after leaving 15 years service with the UEE Marines.

Darksaber was founded on the principles of helping people. With Recruiting people from all walks of life, and helping turn them into the best outfit in the System, Darksaber provides Security and Military support as needed. In 2950, Darksaber Ventured out into offering Tour Options, where you can visit historic places across the galaxy, and have the time of your life. as well as selling weapons, armour, and other items from their surplus.

Continued Partnerships with other orgs have been a mainstay within the Values of Darksaber. Our Biggest and Longest Running Partnership is with Apex Resource Industries, providing Security and support to their mining and salvage operations.

Career's and Departments

Darksaber Enterprises offer's a wide variety of career paths within the Organization. Players can join as part of our Defender Corps., becoming a Pilot, or Security Specialist. If working within our Defender Corps. is not for you, we also have our Tourism Department, Where you can be part of a wonderful team that helps give tours to players and Orgs. If a player wants to apply to become a member of DSE, they can do so via the #applications form in the DSE Discord Server. Upon filling out the required fields, a member of the Darksaber Enterprises Recruitment Department will be in contact as soon as one is available.

Besides Operating within the Defender Corps., members of DSE can also join one of our other departments in order to get more access to duties, and roles within the Org, and Discord.

Defender Corps.

Members of the Defender Corps. are the backbone of Darksaber Enterprises. Since the founding of Darksaber, we have excelled in Security work. Our Defender Corps. Is split into 2 different Parts, There is our Flight Corps., and our Ground Team. Members within this team are experts within CQB, Boarding & Defending ships, and Piloting.

Marketing Division

Members within our Marketing Division are in-charge of creating, and maintaining the Marketing and Promotional Material for Darksaber Enterprises. These members are also in-charge of updating the Darksaber Enterprises Social Media accounts. Members within this Department do an amazing and wonderful job within their fields

Darksaber Academy

Darksaber Academy is responsible for training, and upkeeping of our operation standards of Members within Darksaber Enterprises. They are experts at training and evaluations for members to maintain their Certification within their fields.

The Current Certifications that Darksaber Enterprises Members can earn, and have to maintain to ensure operation availability is as follows:

  • CQB Certification - All Defender Corps. Members
  • Pilot Certification - Flight Corps Members
  • Basic medical Certification - All members

Logistics Department

The Logistics Department is responsible for ensuring that all members of Darksaber Enterprises are equipped with the proper uniforms, equipment, and tools for any situation they might come across.

Members of the Logistics Department are also responsible for helping maintain Darksaber's Devastating Demolitions Emporium, a store where Citizens from Across the 'verse are able to purchase guns, armour and other odds and ends not available within the general market.

Recruitment Department

The Recruitment Department works closely with Academy, and Marketing to recruit those interested with a career with our Org. Recruiting helps our Org grow, and along with Academy, ensures that we have the best trained members for any and every situation.

Relationships with other Orgs

Darksaber likes to keep friendly relationships with other orgs, and client orgs. Our biggest and longest running ally and client is Apex Resource Industries. Together, the two orgs have grown and become the behemoths in their respective industries. We are always open to new ally's, and each org that we associate with is reviewed on a regular basis by our logistics staff to ensure that the associated org stays up to the standards that we value in our business partners.

Our Uniform

We have uniforms set for each department within the Org. For the Departments that require Armour, we have Heavy and medium variations on the uniform, so members can wear what suits them, and the mission at hand. Uniforms can be purchased at via the Org Store, or by the Org member if they want.

Defender Corps.

The Standard Defender Corps. Uniform is in the Colours of Aqua Chest, Black arms, Legs and helmets.

Darksaber Enterprises Fleet and Unit Breakdown

  • Darksaber Enterprises HQ
    • Sol Command
    • Stanton Command
      • 15th Flight Wing
      • 7th Defender Company
      • 4th Operations Group
      • 22nd Logistical Corp.
    • Pyro Command
    • Magnus Command
    • Terra Command


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