OreBit Mining Attachment

Multi-tool attachment manufactured by Greycat Industrial
OreBit Mining Attachment - Shop Display.jpg
OreBit Mining Attachment
ClassificationMulti-tool attachment
ManufacturerGreycat Industrial (GRIN)
Base price310 aUEC
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 3.7

The OreBit Mining Attachment is a mining attachment for the Pyro RYT Multi-Tool. It is manufactured by Greycat Industrial. It allows users to scan and mine for minerals.[1]

In-game description

The OreBit attachment turns Greycat's Pyro RYT Multi-Tool into a handheld mining machine. It can scan rocks to find worthwhile deposits and then liberate the lode with its powerful mining laser. Next time you're planetside, be sure you bring this attachment or risk leaving easy credits behind.


Once equipped players will be shown a UI interface for mining laser strength and fracture window similar to the mining mechanic on mining vehicles. Once the rock is fractured, valuable minerals will be broken off and can be hand collected and stowed in the player’s personal inventory.[2]

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.7.

Location Store Price (aUEC)
Levski Conscientious Objects 375
Lorville Tammany and Sons 375
Area18 Cubby Blast 310


The OreBit Mining Attachment was introduced in Alpha 3.7 with the first person mining mechanic.[2]



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