Parker Terrell

Character in Star Citizen
Parker Terell
Race Human
Gender Male
Born ?
Role Journalist
Current Employment
Occupation Independent Journalist, Host
Workplace Terra

Parker Terrell is a human journalist. He is known for being the host of Plain Truth. His theories can be seen as mostly UEE-critical,[1] speculative [2] and as alternative narrative to current events.

"Laurence Jito: A fabrication of propaganda. It doesn't even exist.

[Terrell:] Come on, Laurence. We've been through that one. The Synthworld exists, it's just a waste —

Laurence Jito: You can believe that web of lies if you want. "
Plain Truth - Empire Incorporated [3]

Early life

About his early life is nothing known. Terrell joined the United Times News Org and worked as an investigative journalist and staff writer until his disappearing in 2943.[4] He had his residence in Prime on Terra.[5]


Terrell disappeared in June or July 2943. After his employee at the New United NewsOrg, Emma Moses, contacted the police, the Advocacy adopted the case and contracted Detective Nathan Cobb to research Terrell's fate. Cobb found out that Terrell investigated a story about imperial death squads.[5] Shortly after the recovery of Terrel's abandoned ship on 2943-08-10, he was caught in the Corel System attending to abscond to a ship. He was taken into custody and was questioned by UEE authorities.[6] On the same day Terrell appeared on Showdown and insisted the the UEE destroyed Ellis XI with a hadesian "planet-killer weapon" to test the weapons capabilities.[6][7]

Maybe after this events his contract was ended by the United Times NewsOrg as a legal consequences of his unpermitted absence from work. In his first reappearance on his new show Terrell critized his former employee has been "relinquished their objectivity to bow to corporate influence".[8]

Host of Plain Truth

Terrell reappeared on the media landscape as Host of the new "Plain Truth" Show in 2944.


  • Terell believes that Ellis XI was destroyed by a reconstructed "hadesian weapon".[7]
  • He critizes the high budget for the building of Synthworld.[9][10]
  • He claims that the actions of the UEE are dominated by corporate interests: "'s the People's duty to stand up and take control of the government that exists to protect and serve them, not sit back and let it disappear." [11]
  • He is a supporter of the Polo Initiative.[10]
  • He insist that the Lynch Fever outbreak on Goss could be a "clinical trial" for a "biological weapon".[12]


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