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Dave Haddock in 2013

Dave Haddock is the Narrative Director of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 at CIG Los Angeles.[1] He was one of the founding members of CIG in 2012. He helped work out the history for the game universe which made its way into the Time Capsules.[2]


  • Since the universe of Star Citizen took elements from Ancient Rome, he reread old textbooks about that period as well as talks about the classics (Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Star Wars, Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Star Trek, Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Ringworld, Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Foundation, etc.) He has always been a fan of Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Joss Whedon so he rewatched Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Firefly which hardly counts as 'work'.[2]
  • He grew up as a gamer but his family always seemed to have the 'other systems'. They didn't have Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Atari but the Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Intellivision. They didn't have a Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Commodore 64 but Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Epson Equity II PC. So until PC really caught on, they never really had the popular games in the house. He kept playing games through high school but fell off a bit after college as he was broke and couldn't afford the systems.[2]
  • Around 2010, he started playing games again but have slowed down. Recently, He has been watching his roommate work his way through Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Skyrim which has been fun. He played through Wikipedia-logo-v2.svg Mass Effect 2 in 2012, so he jumped on that bandwagon relatively late.[2]

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