Tyler Design & Tech

Human company in the spacecraft components industry
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Tyler Design & Tech
IndustrySpacecraft components
ProductsBatteries, coolers, power plants
Manufacturer codeTYDT
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth

Tyler Design & Tech is a spacecraft component manufacturer that produces batteries, coolers, and power plants. Its designs are stealth-oriented, trading overall functionality for the ability to better conceal one’s spacecraft from heat-based sensors.[1]


Tyler Design & Tech began its life manufacturing generators, air purifiers, and other necessities for planetary settlers. Tyler focused on making products that, while not as powerful as some other brands, were durable and extremely efficient with little heat byproduct which led to the development of low-signature power plants. It wasn't long before even the United Empire of Earth Navy began to outfit some of their own stealth crafts with Tyler parts, and with their new success, the company was able to expand their ship component line into what it is today.[1]


In early development, Tyler Design & Tech used to be an astronautic firm that exclusively designs power plants. It has a 'generic' line of off-the-shelf power plants, but it is also contracted for exclusive plant designs (such as their successful bid to build the Constellation (series) plant).[2]



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