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Juno Starwerk

Juno Starwerk
IndustryShip component manufacturer
Manufacturer CodeJUST

Juno Starwerk is a ship component manufacturer. They've produced engines for the Aurora and the Mustang.[1]


Second only to RSI in terms of longevity in the space industry, Juno Starwerk was founded in the 24th century to build long-haul freighters to support the rapid Human expansion into other star systems. Utilitarian above all us, these ships were designed to do one thing: haul as much weight as possible as cheaply as possible. While, over time, as competition increased, their share of the ship market shrank, their components had earned a reputation for dependability and ease of maintenance. Their direct sales of these components soon made up the majority of the companies income and in 2513, the ceased ship manufacture entirely to focus on supplying industrial strength components.

In parts of the 'verse, there are generations of mechanics who have passed knowledge and techniques for working on Juno power plants like family heirlooms. This long history also means that Juno parts and repairs are easy to come by.[2]


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