Ghost Hollow

Settlement on microTech (planet) in the Stanton system
Ghost Hollow Exterior Alpha 3.17.2.jpg
Ghost Hollow
LocationStanton system    On microTech (planet)

Ghost Hollow is a small unmarked settlement established within the derelict wreck of an Aegis Reclaimer on microTech.[1] Certain missions may lead the player to this location, and members of the Nine Tails are known to occasionally occupy it.


Some missions, like Remove Illegal Occupants and Bounty hunting missions, may lead to the place.

To find it for oneself, navigate to Orbital Marker 3 (OM3) and from there look North (Vector 352 outside atmosphere) try to find a snowy mountain surrounded by a patch of snow free area that resembles the one in the picture. Ghost Hollow is next to it.

Image Description
Ghost Hollow Arrow.png
From OM3, locate the snow free patch. Ghost Hollow is to the left of the patch, just under and to the right of the cloud.
2 Directions for final approach to Ghost Hollow.png
Keep flying straight to that spot.
3 Directions for final approach to Ghost Hollow.png
Ghost Hollow is to the right of the snowed peak mountain.
4 Directions for final approach to Ghost Hollow.png
The remains of the Reclaimer and the crater path can be easily seen next to the snowed mountain.


The location was added in the Alpha 3.17.2 patch.


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