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Rest Stop

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The Rest & Relax station at HUR L2

Rest Stops are small space stations placed in the overlapping gravity fields between two points providing neutral gravity spaces known as Lagrange points.[1] Rest Stops primarily act as refueling points between major locations and are essential to quantum drive travel within a star system. Additionally, rest stops provide some storefront services for outfitting and resupplying citizens.

Rest & Relax

Currently, all rest stops in Star Citizen are owned and operated by Rest & Relax. Known colloquially as "R&R", they are the primary refuel and resupply station throughout the galaxy. The first Rest & Relax station was built in the Baker system by Johann Alejandre and Kelley 'Teak' Sabatino, with initial investment by Mahir Eriksen.[2]



The atrium at the Hurston L2 Rest & Relax

Rest stops have multiple possible exterior and interior layouts. Depending on what station one visits, there are a variable number of pads and hangars available. Exterior landing pads are the primary landing location for all but the largest ships, which use the large interior hangars situated below the exterior landing pads. Most rest stops have more exterior pads than hangars.

The exteriors of the rest stops are used as advertising space, with large holosigns adorning the tops and sides of the stations. There are also multiple flood lights on the sides to aid in station identification , as well as red approach path markers leading to the pads and hangars.


Guests to the station travel from their landing location to the main interior via elevators. A single lobby contains all pad/hangar elevators. In the center of the elevator lobby is an ASOP terminal location for ship retrieval. The elevator lobby opens to the atrium, which is the largest area of the main station interior. From the atrium, guests can travel to multiple areas, including the various retail outlets and guest service areas. Some stations have two levels, with stairs in the atrium leading to admin offices or more retail outlets. Like the exterior, the interior of the station is covered in holosign advertisements for many different companies.


In addition to the standard repair, rearm, and refuel capabilities, rest stops offer various retail options for those visiting the stations. Available stores vary by location:

All rest stops include an Admin office and at least one Covalex Shipping dropbox, for parcel mission pick up or delivery,


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