Platinum Bay

Human company in the ship components and vehicle storage industry
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Platinum Bay
IndustryShip components and vehicle storage

Platinum Bay is a commercial space transport franchise found at most space stations and at some ground outposts. As of Alpha 3.19.0, commercial transport is still in development, therefore the Platinum Bay offices function only as a vendor for ship components. This catalogue is limited to ship navigation systems like Quantum drives, Coolers, Power plants and Shield generators.

Platinum Bay owns all the ground vehicle storage locations on planets and moons in the Stanton System. Owned ground vehicles can be summoned from the Platinum Bay office's ASOP terminal, if a ground vehicle pad is present.

The company motto is, "Wherever you want to go."

Store locations

System Planet Place Details
Stanton ArcCorp Baijini Point
Crusader CRU-L1 Galleria - 2nd floor
CRU-L4 Galleria - 1st floor
CRU-L5 Galleria - 2nd floor
 Hurston Everus Harbor
MicroTech Port Tressler Galleria - 2nd floor

Vehicle storage locations

System Planet Moon Property name
Stanton ArcCorp Lyria Shubin Mining Facility SAL-2 - Shubin Mining Facility SAL-5
Wala ArcCorp Mining Area 045 - ArcCorp Mining Area 048 - ArcCorp Mining Area 056 - ArcCorp Mining Area 061
Crusader Cellin Hickes Research Outpost - Terra Mills HydroFarm
Daymar ArcCorp Mining Area 141 - Shubin Mining Facility SCD-1
Yela ArcCorp Mining Area 157 - Deakins Research Outpost
 Hurston Lorville - HDMS-Edmond - HDMS-Hadley - HDMS-Oparei - HDMS-Pinewood - HDMS-Stanhope - HDMS-Thedus
Arial HDMS-Bezdek - HDMS-Lathan
Aberdeen HDMS-Anderson - HDMS-Norgaard
Ita HDMS-Ryder - HDMS-Woodruff
Magda HDMS-Perlman - HDMS-Hahn
MicroTech New Babbage Interstellar Spaceport - Shubin Mining Facility SM0-10 - Shubin Mining Facility SM0-13 - Shubin Mining Facility SM0-18 - Shubin Mining Facility SM0-22 - Rayari Deltana Research Outpost
Calliope Shubin Mining Facility SMCa-6 - Shubin Mining Facility SMCa-8
Clio Rayari McGrath Research Outpost - Rayari Cantwell Research Outpost



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