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Rough and Ready

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Rough & Ready
Headquarters Checkmate Station
Type Faction
Parent Org Outlaw
Founded in 2939 CE; 15 years ago (2939)
Focus Refueling & Racketeering Operations

Rough & Ready are a gang located in some of the space stations around Pyro.[1] They are headquartered at Checkmate Station.


The gang was created by Caven "Rook" Garavis[2] as a splinter from the Headhunters on July 19th, 2939.[3] Garavis' aims was to expand operations to refueling and racketeering. Their name is a reflection on both the Rest & Relax franchise and their willingness to take any action needed to thrive.[3] After Garavis' death due to a terminal illness in 2949, he was succeeded by his twin sons, Kaspar and Carlson Garavis, who are the current "kings" of the organization.[3]


The Gangs structure are inspired by chess figures:

  • Pawns, low ranking members
  • Knights, enforcers
  • Bishops procure fuel, supplies, and other necessities to keep business operations running
  • Rooks oversees all operations at a station
  • the gang’s leaders, both took the title King upon their ascension to the position[3]



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