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The Headhunters
Headquarters Pyro
Type Faction
Parent Org Outlaw
Current Leader Kima "Bats" Farrell
Founded in 27th Century
Focus Piracy, Racketeering

The Headhunters are a major criminal organization encountered in the Pyro system,[1] focusing on theft, smuggling, and protection.[2] They first rose to power with the establishment of a stealthy and fast shipping route between Virgil and Terra which led through Pyro and Nyx in the early 27th century. In the 2620s they took control of Ruin Station and adopted the skull symbol as their motif. The Drop Kings challenged their authority in the 2740s, and the two factions were in perpetual conflict until the Drop Kings withdrew in 2912.[2]

Their fashion is similar to that of a wasteland tribe.[3] Part of their clothing and armor have been fabricated from metal and bone.[3]


  • First time mentioned during April 19. 2023 Roadmap Roundup.[1]


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