Upsana Dixit

Character in Star Citizen
Upsana Dixit
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2941
Died 2563
Primary Organization United Planets of Earth

Upsana Dixit was a Human journalist, news anchor, showrunner, and Spectrum show host. Born in 2491 in Quinton, Angeli (Croshaw II), she created Showdown! in 2511 as a 30-minute long current events debate audio program. After amassing a significant following, it was purchased by SSN/CAtv and converted to a Spectrum broadcast show in 2521. Dixit impartially moderated the show until 2546 and invited guests to debate current events. She resigned from SSN/CAtv as a protest of Ivar Messer I's rise to power. Dixit continued to be a journalist until her death. She died at age 72 in an earthquake in her hometown Quinton in 2563.[1]


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