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Slavery also intentured servitude, unfree labour and forced labour are names for various similar illegal practices.

Slaves are forced to work in mines, purchased to fight in gladiatorial rings or used for scientific experimentation.

They are sometimes marked by their 'owners'.

Legal status

Trafficking, smuggling or enslaving of sentient beings is forbidden in the UEE. Child and forced labour existed in the Messer Era. Slavery and slave trafficking is now outlawed in the United Empire of Earth, the Xi'an Empire and in the Banu Protectorate. However, some planet-states within the Protectorate still allowing the ownership of slaves.

Slave markets

Reports of forced labour

Slavelike labour was reported on QuarterDeck and Stanton II.

Reputation of Slavers

Slavers are seen as 'scum' even among other criminals. They seem to have a very bad reputation within the human society.[1]

See also

  • Anthony Tanaka, child worker. His death sparked the resistance against the Messer dictatorship.