Solomon Hurston

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Solomon Hurston.png
Solomon Hurston
Race Human
Gender Male
Born b2438
Died b2948
Role Founder of Hurston Dynamics
Faction UPE

"The founder of Hurston Dynamics. It was his remarkable vision and unshakable dedication to family that continued to be the backbone for Hurston's corporate ethos and an ongoing source of inspiration for all future generations.

2438 - Seizing upon a unique opportunity, Solomon Hurston purchases a struggling laser manufacturer on Earth and transforms it into what would become one of the most successful companies of all time, Hurston Dynamics.

2488 - After leading the company for fifty years, Solomon Hurston retires and leaves the company to his son, Isiah Hurston. This would be the start of a family dynasty that continues to this day."

–Plaques in Archibald Hurston Memorial Hall, Lorville