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Stella Fortuna

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Stella Fortuna is a holiday observed by the inhabitants of Mars and human citizens of the UEE and was celebrated yearly at the earth-Mars conjunction. In 2257, it became a official holiday with a fixed date, March 15.

Established to celebrate the successful colonization of Mars, it has developed further into a holiday which praises the spirit of the martians colonists to 'tempting fate' after the Catastrophe of 2125. It also celebrates 'fortune, boldness, and embarking on new business ventures'. The day is also used to seal romantic partnerships or business deals. Celebrations including festivals, fireworks, feasting and 'other forms of mass celebration.' The code colours are green and gold, i.e. used in the fireworks.


The name 'Stella Fortuna' (Stella, latin: star; Fortuna, latin: Godess of faith and luck) is probably a reminiscence from the tradition in the 2200s to asking the stars for their blessing, while preparing for interplanetary trips. It became also a tradition for explorers to toast to the stars before starting a expedition. Business people started their new venture on March 15.



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