Terra Gazette

Human company in the news industry
Terra Gazette
Area servedTerra
Founded2521 CE; 433 years ago (2521) in Terra, Terra

Aremis Post is a news corporation located in Terra. It's one of Terra's oldest news organization and one of the few outlets that tried to maintain independence under the Messer Era. However in 2638 they were forced to take a pro-Messer stance and they became a part of the propaganda machine. Now days their reporting leans Transitionalist.[1]


Title Publication Date
Terra Gazette - New United Reporter Found 2013-09-17
Terra Gazette - DTN Unveils New System 2014-01-08
Terra Gazette - An Uncertain Future 2014-03-12
Terra Gazette - No More Words 2014-06-03
Terra Gazette - A Call to Service 2014-09-17
Terra Gazette - UEE Tied To Goldfinch 2015-03-04
Terra Gazette - Fora Famine 2015-05-06
Terra Gazette - Why Ghaith Riberio Quit Racing 2016-10-11
Terra Gazette - Crusader Admits Crime is on the Rise 2017-08-02


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