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The UEES Flyssa was a Javelin-class destroyer that was lost in an accident over Daymar in 2862 while under the command of Captain Chin Ormiston. It had been dispatched by Admiral Pavlina Marlin to apprehend an illegal mining operation on the moon. It was pursuing a mining ship that suddenly exploded, likely due to lack of repairs, with the blast being amplified by explosive ores in the ship's hull. The concussion damaged the Flyssa so grievously that it triggered fires and explosions aboard the naval vessel, sending it crashing into the planet. It was lost with all 65 souls, making it one of the worst naval crashes of the 29th Century. Admiral Marlin was relieved of active duty, and sent to administrative duties in Kilian: she would be granted a discharge in 2868.[1]

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  • A Flyssa is a traditional single-edged bladed weapon of the Kabyles Berber tribe of Algeria.[2]


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