UEES Gauntlet

Javelin-class destroyer of the 2nd Fleet
UEES Gauntlet.png
UEES Gauntlet
Sub-branch2nd Fleet
CaptainRachel MacLaren
Vehicle ClassDestroyer
ManufacturerAegis Dynamics
AppearancesSquadron 42

The UEES Gauntlet is a Javelin-class destroyer that was in service with the United Empire of Earth Navy in 2945, as part of the 2nd Fleet under the command of Captain Rachel MacLaren. [1][2] The Gauntlet was lost at the Battle of Vega II, when it rammed the attacking Kingship.[3]


  • Like other ships of its class, the Gauntlet is named after a medieval armament.[4]
  • Idris class vessels that toured Stanton during Invictus 2950 were marked 'UEE Gauntlet'. The inappropriate prefix implies that this was a placeholder.


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