Rachel MacLaren

Character in Star Citizen
Rachel MacLaren.png
Rachel MacLaren
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Captain, UEES Gauntlet
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Actor Gillian Anderson
Military Service
Rank Captain
Unit 5th Fleet
Years of Service ? - Present

Rachel MacLaren is the Captain of the UEES Gauntlet, a Javelin Destroyer. She is portrayed by Gillian Anderson in Squadron 42.


MacLaren is the daughter of Admiral Ernst Bishop.[1]


  1. Squadron 42: Behind the Scenes - Gillian Anderson from 2016-01-21. Accessed 2016-11-07: Roberts refers about that on Minute 01:40: [Gillian Anderson, who played Rachel MacLaren] will be believable as Gary's [Adm Bishops] daughter (...)
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