Ulysses Messer

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Galor Messer(2715 - Between 2771, 2778)
Linton Messer (2781-2792)
Ulysses Messer
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2778 (before)
Died August 12, 2781; 167 years ago (2781-08-12)
Role Tenth Imperator of the UEE
Faction UEE
Political Office
Office Imperator
Years Held 2771, 2778 (between)[1] - 2781-08-12
Party Messer Regime
Constituency UEE

Ulysses Messer, also known as Messer X, was the tenth Imperator of the UEE.

Ulysses had become aware of the public's growing resentment of the Messer regime and in 2778 attempted to distract the populace with a series of large scale building projects to exemplify the UEE's greatness. He prepared the Khanos Stadium on Angeli to be his legacy. This backfired as the Khanos Stadium became a symbolic target for the resistance to aim at.[2]< citation needed >


On 2781-08-12, history records that Ulysses Messer was attacked in a bombing of the Khanos Stadium orchestrated by his daughter Fiona Messer. Ulysses ultimately took his own life, after it became clear that his son Linton Messer had control of the military and a coup was imminent.[1]

He started his reign after 2743, since Messer IX was still holding the office then.[3]


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