Environment suit

An undersuit is a full body suit that allows players to survive in hostile environment when equipped with a helmet. It is required to equip armor pieces, and cannot be worn with clothing.

Page Image SubtypeInventoryMinimum temperature resistanceMaximum temperature resistanceModifier physical damage takenModifier energy damage takenModifier distortion damage takenModifier thermal damage takenModifier biochemical damage takenModifier stun damage takenManufacturer
Beacon US Base - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Rust Society - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit "Rust Society" 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Brown-Black - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit Brown/Black 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Placeholderv2.pngBeacon Undersuit Carrack Edition 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Crimson - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit Crimson 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Dark Grey - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit Dark Grey 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Green-Black - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit Green/Black 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Green-White - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit Green/White 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Grey - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit Grey 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Grey-Aqua - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit Grey/Aqua 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries
Beacon US Orange - SCT BG.jpgBeacon Undersuit Orange 0.1 KµSCU1.0e-4 SCU <br />100 µSCU <br />-30 °C60 °C0. Space Industries


Undersuits are made for a number of intended uses. In broad terms they can be divided in four categories:

Type Equip armor Equip backpack Purpose
Undersuits ✔️ ✔️ Intended to be worn under armor.
Exploration suits ✔️ Intended for the most extreme environment. They are bulky and have protection equal to heavy armor.
Flight suits Intended for piloting vehicles. They have more protection than undersuits and less protection than light armor.
Worksuits ✔️ Intended for extreme environment.


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