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Beacon Undersuit

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Beacon Undersuit.png
Manufacturer Roberts Space Industries (RSI)
Armor Set Calico
Type Undersuit
UEC Cost 1000
Armor None

The Beacon Undersuit is a flightsuit that comes in several different vibrant colors.

"RSI's Beacon flightsuit is a general use utility designed to provide total protection against environments and vacuum. Built out of a durable but flexible polymers, the Beacon provides a wide freedom of motion for a variety of body types."
in-game description


Version Shop Price Color
Alpha 3.8.0 Armor, Everus Harbor, (Hurston) 1000 Brown/Black, Grey, Purple, Sky/Grey, Tan/Brown, Twilight
Tammany and Sons, Lorville, (Hurston) 1060 Beacon(Default), Crimson, Orange, Yellow
1000 Pink/White, Sky/Grey, Woodland
Alpha 3.3.7 Garrity Defense, Port Olisar 1000 White

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