Beacon Undersuit

Undersuit manufactured by Roberts Space Industries
Beacon US Base - SCT BG.jpg
ManufacturerRoberts Space Industries (RSI)
Main setCalico
Base price1,000 aUEC
WeaponS5, S1.
Utility item1x S1
Environment protection
Temperature-30 / 60 °C
Damage resistance

The Beacon Undersuit is a flightsuit manufactured by RSI that comes in many colour variations.

In-game description

RSI's Beacon flightsuit is a general use utility designed to provide total protection against environments and vacuum. Built out of a durable but flexible polymers, the Beacon provides a wide freedom of motion for a variety of body types.|in-game description


White with Gray accent

Buyable at

System Location City Store Price (aUEC)
Stanton system Hurston Lorville Tammany and Sons 1060
Stanton system Crusader Orison Providence Surplus 1000
Stanton system HUR-L1 Mining support center 1000
Stanton system HUR-L2 Mining support center 1000
Stanton system CRU-L1 Mining support center 1000
Stanton system ARC-L1 Mining support center 1000
Stanton system MIC-L1 Mining support center 1000
Stanton system HUR-L1 1000
Stanton system ARC-L1 1000
Stanton system MIC-L1 1000
Stanton system ArcCorp Area18 Cubby Blast 1041
Stanton system Crusader Port Olisar Garrity Defense 998
Stanton system microTech New Babbage Shubin Interstellar 1000
Stanton system ArcCorp Baijini Point Cargo Services 500
Stanton system Hurston Everus Harbor Cargo Services 500
Stanton system microTech Port Tressler Cargo Services 500
Stanton system Crusader Prison Covalex Shipping Office 500

Blue with Black accents

Not Buyable in game

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
MacFlex Beacon Undersuit Horizon Helmet MacFlex Core MacFlex Backpack MacFlex Arms MacFlex Legs


Base Brown / Black Crimson Dark / Grey Green / Black Green / White
Beacon US Base - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Brown-Black - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Crimson - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Dark Grey - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Green-Black - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Green-White - SCT BG.jpg
Grey Grey / Aqua Orange Orange / Black Pink / White Purple
Beacon US Grey - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Grey-Aqua - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Orange - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Orange-Black - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Pink-White - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Purple - SCT BG.jpg
Purple / Black Red / Black Rust Society Sky / Grey Tan / Brown Twilight
Beacon US Purple-Black - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Red-Black - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Rust Society - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Sky-Grey - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Tan-Brown - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Twilight - SCT BG.jpg
White Woodland Yellow
Beacon US White - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Woodland - SCT BG.jpg
Beacon US Yellow - SCT BG.jpg


Version Shop Price Color
Alpha 3.8.0 Armor, Everus Harbor, (Hurston) 1000 Brown/Black, Grey, Purple, Sky/Grey, Tan/Brown, Twilight
Tammany and Sons, Lorville, (Hurston) 1060 Beacon(Default), Crimson, Orange, Yellow
1000 Pink/White, Sky/Grey, Woodland
Alpha 3.3.7 Garrity Defense, Port Olisar 1000 White
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