Unification Wars

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Unification Wars
Type Human Civil War
Dates October 20th 2380 - July 29 2384 (4 years)
Participants United Nations of Earth
Anti-Unification Alliance
Result UNE Victory
  • Unification of the Human species under one united government

The Unification Wars were a series of violent conflicts following the founding of the United Nations of Earth (UNE), which had been announced on the 23rd April 2380.[1][2] and group of anti-unionists, which later were called the Anti-Unification Alliance (AUA).[2]


Earth and the colonized Mars were divided into separate nations and states. With discovery of the Croshaw system in 2371, states and corporations tried to stake claims on the newly discovered system but failed. The World Summit, a gathering of Earth's leaders, took control of the expansion.

The success of the united approach inspired the foundation of the UNE. 9 years after the discovery of Croshaw, the 'General Assembly' including all the Representatives of Earth decided to proclaim the UNE in April 2380.

First Unification War

On October 20 of the same year, the crew of the warship Stanley (belonging to the nation of Amecanio) mutinied, and kickstarted the First Unification War.[3][4][5] Stanley's crew planned to liberate their country by attacking Earth's cities, but the UNE Navy foiled the mutiny without casualties. Mutineers faced trials; most got lenient sentences, but the ringleaders received harsh punishment. Ironically, the incident inspired others to rebel against unification.[2]

On December 9, 2380, two UNE warships, the Panjwani and Cassano defected. Later four other UNE ships joined.[2]

To counter mutiny, the Navy separated crews, slowing response to rogue ships. Six allied anti-unification warships baited skirmishes, prompting the Navy to prioritize capture over destruction. Frustrations grew as rebellious ships escaped. After a damaging skirmish, the Navy shifted to an offensive strategy, capturing four ships and destroying two.[2]

The First Unification War ended on March 22, 2381with the desctruction of the Panjwani.[2]

Second Unification War

In the midst of escalating tensions in 2381, anti-unificationists still sought to dissolve the UNE. Syrtis, a Mars settlement, openly welcomed them, leading to a confrontation with the UNE military. Despite attempts to retrieve illegal weaponry, the military faced unexpected resistance, resulting in the "Siege of Syrtis." The stand-off became a rallying cry for the Anti-Unification Alliance, enduring a year of resistance. Psychological tactics failed, escalating pressure on the UNE Council. Eventually, on January 4, 2383, the military seized control of Syrtis after a brief, bloody battle.[2]

Third Unification War

The violent conclusion in Syrtis fueled criticism and strengthened the Anti-Unification Alliance (AUA), which shifted tactics to peaceful advocacy. Simultaneously, the UNE suppressed anti-unificationists in its ranks. The AUA, however, built a fleet, collaborated with militias, and planned a coordinated attack. On July 29, 2384, the AUA executed a multi-pronged assault on New York City,[5][4][2] targeting the UNE Plaza. The Navy defended fiercely, leading to widespread destruction. AUA ships, unable to overcome the defense, caused chaos in the city before some fled. The mainstream anti-unificationist movement ended as public sentiment turned against them. The battle for New York City marked the final Unification War, resulting in extensive destruction but contributing to the city's modernization. Despite internal strife, the Unification Wars ultimately solidified the remaining united Human government.

The remaining 'Anti-unificationists' fled and formed the first pirate gangs.[5]

Medial Reception

The dates of the Unification Wars form a central plot point in the children's morality tale A Gift for Baba.


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