United Nations of Earth

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United Nations of Earth
United Nations of Earth
Headquarters Earth
Type Government
Founded in 2380
Predecessor North American Alliance, State of Asiatica, World Summit
Successor United Planets of Earth

The United Nations of Earth (UNE) was the governing body for Humanity from 2380 until it was restructured into the United Planets of Earth in 2523.[1] The Goal of the UNE was to advance Humans into the Cosmos as a united species.


Constitution of the World Summit

In response of the initially failed settlement of Croshaw, the leadership of Earth called for a World Summit in 2281, which passed the cooperative Freeman Act. The success of the project led to an earthwide unification process which resulted in the forming of the UNE a hundred years later.[2]

Unification Process

Proposed on the 23rd April 2380, later that year on October 20th the Unification War began in protest of the proposed unification.[3]

The UNE had a Congress which had members from Earths nations.[4]


The Flag of the UNE shows six stars and 3 overlapping rings. The rings should symbolize unity between the settled entities of the realm (Earth, Mars, Croshaw System) at the time of foundation.[5] The six stars are should 'representing the ambition to continue expanding into space.'[6]


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