United Workers of Hurston

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United Workers of Hurston
Type Trade union
Founded in January 2892; 62 years ago (2892-01)

United Workers of Hurston (UWH) is a trade union created by a group of Hurston Dynamics employees which came together to lobby for better working conditions.[1][2] Hurston's workers were underpaid, overworked, and callously subjected to noxious, hazardous chemicals while on the job, with only the barest safety standards to protect them.[1]

However, UWH protests turned violent in 2897, when a group of UWH members violently seized control of a Hurston cargo transport named Lastal. During the standoff with local authorities, they quickly paraded their hostages in front of cameras broadcasting across the Empire and made their grievances known. And to demonstrate their conviction, they flew over Lorville and pushed the pilot out of the ship, sending him plummeting to his death below. Shortly after, Hurston Security forces executed a raid on the ship to retake control. All of the UWH members were killed along with three more hostages. In the aftermath, public sentiment quickly turned against the UWH, and Hurston Dynamics declared the group a terrorist organization.

Notwithstanding, an UWH agent named Canary claimed in an interview with Parker Terrell for Plain Truth that it was Hurston Dynamics who provoked the scenario, after infiltrating the organization.[1]


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