Suj Kossi

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Suj Kossi
Race Tevarin
Gender Male
Role First Tevarin Senator (U-Elysium IV-Elysium Sys)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizenship
Current Employment
Occupation Politician
Military Service
Rank ?
Years of Service ? - 2928
Political Office
Office Senator
Years Held 2946 - Present
Party Universalist
Constituency Elysium IV
System Elysium

Suj Kossi is the first Tevarin Senator.[1] He is a member of the Universalist party.[2]


Suj Kossi was born to a large family in the remote hills outside of Gemma. Despite being raised in an area with high criminal activity he decided to join the UEE Army.[3]

Kossi is a UEE veteran. He was awarded the Medal of Valor. Since his discharge in 2928 he remains an active Naval Reservist.[4] In 2944 he decided to participate in elections to the UEE Senate and began his campaign.[5] He won the 2946 elections.[1]