Suj Kossi

Character in Star Citizen
Suj Kossi
Race Tevarin
Gender Male
Born 2900
Role First Tevarin Senator (U-Elysium IV-Elysium Sys)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizenship
Current Employment
Occupation Politician
Military Service
Rank Sergeant (UEEA)
Years of Service 2922 - 2928
Political Office
Office Senator
Years Held 2946 - Present
Party Universalist
Constituency Elysium IV
System Elysium system

Suj Kossi serves as a Senator representing Jalan, (Elysium IV) in the United Empire of Earth (UEE). Kossi embarked on his political journey following his honorable discharge from the UEE Navy, during which he was awarded the Medal of Valor for his exceptional performance in a perilous repair mission amidst Vanduul attacks. In 2946, he achieved a historic victory by winning the race against Gabrielle Gracián and Sakae Marigold, becoming the first Tevarin to hold the esteemed position of Senator. Demonstrating his continued popularity and effectiveness, Kossi was successfully re-elected in 2951. [1]


Early Life

Family & criminality

Kossi, born to Sei Kossi and Qy Rusfa, was the second youngest child among six siblings. Residing in the hills outside Gemma, Jalan. His household consisted of his parents and extended family, all of whom were career criminals specializing in targeting and looting homes, outposts, and other lucrative establishments. As Kossi grew older, he actively participated in low-risk raids alongside his family, gradually assuming more perilous responsibilities once he reached the age of fifteen. [2]

Turning point

However, in 2919, a raid on a water farm located outside Nedila unexpectedly escalated into a violent confrontation, resulting in the tragic demise of Kossi's eldest sister, Fef Rusfa. Furthermore, all three farmers who valiantly defended their residence also lost their lives in the firefight. To compound the tragedy, Kossi and his surviving relatives discovered that the farm's equipment was irreparably damaged, rendering their efforts in vain as there was nothing of value to pilfer. Overwhelmed by a sense of futility and regret, Kossi made the decision to sever ties with his family and seek solace in the UEE Army, believing that his sister's sacrifice had been in vain and that he had squandered his own existence. [2]

Military career

Army, Navy & bravery

Kossi's commendable service spanned six years, during which he demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment, ultimately attaining the esteemed rank of Sergeant in the year 2925. Subsequently, he was handpicked for a transfer to the Navy, where he embarked on flight training. As a skilled pilot, Kossi undertook sensor repair missions until the year 2928, when an unforeseen Vanduul raid disrupted what was expected to be a routine assignment within the Oberon system. In a selfless act of bravery, Kossi utilized his own vessel as a shield to protect three technicians under his command from the relentless onslaught of enemy fire, thereby saving their lives. [2]

Honorable discharge

However, this courageous act came at a great personal cost, as Kossi sustained severe injuries. Consequently, he spent the ensuing sixteen months confined to an intensive care unit, battling to recover from his grievous wounds. Although he eventually recuperated, the lasting repercussions of his injuries rendered him unable to continue his military career. In recognition of his extraordinary valor and sacrifice, Kossi was bestowed with Citizenship, the prestigious Medal of Valor, and an honorable discharge, commemorating his exemplary service to the Empire. [2]

Political career

Ustiel Housing Development

Kossi relocated to a residence under the ownership of Ustiel Housing Development, a modest company responsible for the management of several affordable to moderate-income dwellings in the vicinity of Gemma. Upon witnessing his neighbors being subjected to a sequence of unfair evictions following weeks of coercive measures employed by their building manager, Kossi undertook a thorough investigation. He observed that this recurring pattern of mistreatment extended to all properties owned by Ustiel, spanning a period of 15 years. In response, Kossi took the initiative to assemble a collective legal action, which ultimately led to the initiation of a criminal inquiry. [2]

Gemma City Council

In 2933, Kossi participated in the Gemma city council election, but unfortunately, he did not emerge victorious. However, undeterred by this setback, he decided to run again in 2937 and this time, he was able to secure a seat on the council. His campaign was centered around the crucial issue of housing equality, and this resonated with the voters. As a result, Kossi gained recognition and began appearing on local news programs, where he advocated for the rights of renters. Consequently, he became a de facto spokesperson for the Tevarin community, although this role also attracted some criticism from within the Tevarin community itself. [2]

From Council to Senate

During his second term on the council, Kossi achieved a significant milestone by successfully implementing a rent-control ordinance in 2944. This accomplishment further solidified his reputation as a champion for housing equality. Building on his achievements, Kossi announced his intention to run for the position of Senator on the Universalist ticket. This decision showcased his ambition and desire to bring about positive change on a larger scale. [2] [3] [4]

Attack on Vega II

In 2946, Kossi faced a temporary interruption in his campaign when he suspended it for a week to fulfill his duty with the Naval Reserves following the Attack on Vega II. This unexpected action had an interesting consequence, as analysts believe it significantly boosted his poll numbers. This surge in popularity ultimately played a crucial role in ensuring his successful election at the end of that year. [2] [5]


Since assuming office, Kossi has actively collaborated in the creation of several significant legislative acts, served as a member of the Subcommittee on the Interior, spearheaded outreach initiatives aimed at increasing the participation of the Tevarin community in the electoral process, and emerged as a frequent guest on esteemed spectrum news programs. He has consistently advocated for the relaxation of existing Citizenship requirements and the expansion of enfranchisement throughout the UEE. [2]


Following Laylani Addison's ascension to the position of Imperator in 2950, Kossi collaborated with her to formulate legislation that would establish programs incentivizing Tevarin engagement in the public sector. His re-election in 2951 further solidified his commitment to public service. Speculation by Koto Dodson from the Terra Gazette suggests that Kossi may contend for the Imperator position in 2960, a rumor that the Universalist Party has neither confirmed nor refuted. [2]

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