Update:Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.3

Star Citizen build released on 2015-05-14
2015-05-14 - 8 years ago



  • Added a reminder hint for how to roll
  • Added additional backend support to help reduce Cutlass spawn-in stutter



  • Stuck command can no longer be used in competitive game modes
  • Increased the fail distance during the race section of the tutorial



  • Fixed an issue where the doors in the tutorial would not open when the ship was in front of them

Known Issues


  • Gameplay divergence can cause situations where it appears like a ship is being hit but not taking damage, when the shots are actually missing the ship
  • Weapon trail trajectories are inconsistent for targets that aren't being looked at resulting in game divergence
  • Weapons fire can appear offset from weapon muzzle when fired while moving
  • Combustion Pistol cannot be equipped
  • Entering or exiting a ship will cause other clients to see the character T-pose
  • Characters rolling while prone are not seen by other clients
  • Characters will sometimes fail to animate correctly when exiting the pilot seat after landing
  • Character will occasionally spawn in as a pair of eyes
  • Client crash may occur when pressing 'x' to respawn after the pilot is killed by flying into an asteroid
  • Interacting with various elements of a lobby has a chance of causing a client crash for invited players
  • Unable to exit the cockpit if one of a ship's landing gear is missing
  • Inverted controls do not work in default turret camera view
  • Character will sometimes not have a head when viewed by other clients
  • If two players enter a new public instance as a team for Capture the Core or Squadron Battle, they will be put on opposing teams
  • In the tutorial, there is a chance that the fail dialogue may not play or will cancel out for another line
  • In the tutorial, the player can get stuck inside Gilly's cockpit by sitting in the cockpit whilst Gilly is climbing in
  • Tutorial hints will sometimes show tips for the wrong controller type
  • The character's hands will be broken when driving the buggy
  • Ships will sometimes sink into landing platforms in Multiplayer Free Flight when using automatic landing
  • Landing mode gimbal locks weapons to the direction the Look Reticle was pointing when landing mode was activated; deactivating Landing Mode will correct them
  • The character is using the running animation instead of the floating Zero-G animation when a pistol is equipped
  • Landing on the landing pad using Assisted landing will launch the player forward as soon as the landing gear hits the landing pad
  • Occasionally the player will hear a banging in the ship whilst flying, whilst in third person view graphical glitches appear to the source
  • Stretched polygons will sometimes occur in Dying Star after a short time in the map – possibly related to having an AMD CPU & GPU
  • When strafing up to take off from a landing platform, ships will sometimes roll to the left or right as they strafe upwards
  • There is sometimes a second or two pause when a ship is destroyed and/or respawns
  • Ships will sometimes begin to teleport after a spawn pause
  • The pilot's helmet will constantly shake in the tutorial
  • Character will sometimes spawn in standing in a ship's cockpit
  • Client crash sometimes occurs when loading out of a Squadron Battle Multiplayer match
  • Client crash sometimes occurs when landing on a landing pad in Multiplayer Free Flight
  • Client crash sometimes occurs when exiting the client


  • All ships aside from the Hornet are missing ship trails when carrying a Core
  • Occasionally when exiting a ship, the ship will lose its collision.
  • Weapons impacting shields are playing incorrect impact audio
  • 300i, Avenger, and Hornet will sometimes tilt back when landing on landing platforms
  • 300i, Hornet, M50, and Cutlass main thrusters are not animating during flight
  • HUD colors are inconsistent for the Avenger, Gladiator, all Hornet variants, and the Cutlass
  • 300 variants (except the 350r) have three engine / thruster hardpoints, letting the player move the engine off center or attach three engines
  • Aurora intakes aren't displaying paint
  • Equipping Longswords on an Aurora's bottom hardpoints will cause the ship to wobble once landed due to excess collision on the weapons
  • Avenger has some doors that cannot be opened in Multiplayer
  • Avenger pilot seat is missing its texture
  • Avenger nose jerks downward after releasing Strafe Up while boosting
  • Look Reticle/Crosshair is sometimes missing upon respawn, cycling camera views will usually correct this
  • Gladius damage states are detaching clean sections of the ship rather than showing damaged innards
  • When entering the Gladius from a landing zone the user will hear "Landing request approved / complete"
  • All Hornets are missing a pipe on the main thruster
  • All Hornets' engine audio (boost and non-boost) is very low
  • The Hornet Ghost and Hornet Tracker's top hardpoint turret is missing in the holotable
  • If the large engines on the Cutlass are removed on the holotable, they cannot be reattached
  • Cutlass isn't attaching its Trireme thrusters for its default loadout
  • Cutlass Trireme thrusters are not able to be attached in the holotable
  • Cockpit of Cutlass accelerates at very high speed when separated from cargo bay
  • Character is sunk into the seat when sitting in the Cutlass Blue and Red
  • Cutlass Blue's top turret is missing
  • Killing a Cutlass will sometimes not award kill credit on the scoreboard
  • Freelancer loading ramp has no collision
  • Freelancer main thrusters are missing
  • Character can get stuck inside a Freelancer's hull above its right landing gear
  • There is a black object in the bridge area between the table and turret in the Constellation Taurus
  • Multiple objects in the Retaliator are missing use prompts
  • Retaliator maneuvering thrusters are not in landing mode when in the hangar


  • User folder issues can cause weapon ammunition to go missing as well as other ship component malfunctions
  • Rattler Cluster missile second stage rockets will all use the same trajectory
  • Missiles aren't inheriting velocity from the ship that launches them
  • Thrusters cannot be deactivated in power management
  • Seal Corporation shield generators will not be visible when equipped to Hornets
  • Missiles cannot be seen by the player that fired them when moving at a high speed
  • Missiles skip when chasing their targets
  • Missiles visually lag behind where they are located until they detonate

User Interface

  • Lag pips will drop out with increased distance depending on how quickly a ship is approaching their target (only happens within a few hundred meters)
  • Shield hardpoint in the holotable is too small for Mustangs and 300 series
  • Missiles have a small portion of the ship targeting UI on them after being launched
  • Paint objects in the holotable are placeholders
  • Holding tab while ship's HUD initializes causes the HUD's score screen to default 'On'
  • Multiple HUD elements are duplicated in Arena Commander
  • The 'Missile Evaded' text is black instead of green


  • Thorshu Grey space crab does not have animations
  • Red Elevator lights are active when elevator is not in use in the Self Land hangar
  • Butts are popping in and out during race modes
  • There are several locations in the hangars where the character could fall out of the game world
  • Murray Cup poster is not spawning in the Asteroid hangar


Star Citizen Patch v1.1.3

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